Autobahn Approved Wheels and Tires is the only place we trust to provide us with quality products and a competitive price.

At AutoZone 24, we are proud to say that we worked hand in hand with Autobahn Approved throughout the many years.

Every vehicle that is bought and sold is inspected by one of their trusted employees to make sure all tires meet the safety standard.

Starting 2017, we are proud to welcome Autobahn Approved Performance Wheels & Tires to their new home and newest location.

With their new state of the art facility in Oakville, Ontario, we can take on any job - big and small!

Come by today or book an appointment online and come see everything first hand!

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Tire Services AutoZone 24 Offers:

  • Tire sales
  • Seasonal changeovers
  • Professional tire repair
  • Installation & balancing
  • Low profile specialist
  • Rim repair and refinishing
  • Rim and caliper plastidip / paint
  • Rim sales
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